A bicycle is an example of a system that is made up of many individual parts. No single part operates the system alone. The bicycle can only be ridden when all parts work together. The bicycle is more than the sum of its parts.

Healthy Place Shaping is an Inter- or Cross-disciplinary approach, work may originate in Community Activation, Built Environment and New Models of Care but should consider or seek to connect to work from other disciplines.

Healthy Place Shaping is not the domain of one individual, community, team, department, or discipline. It is a collaborative approach that requires partnership working.

Questions to consider:

How will you develop and nurture healthy and supportive relationships between a wide range of partners and members of the community, across all parts of the system?

How will you include and value other people's perspectives and potential contributions?

How will you encourage responsibility for the programme not to rest with one person or organisation but is shared and owned by partners?

How will you ensure the broadest range of stakeholders is involved?

How will you create a vision that is shared between partners, whatever their role in the system?

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