Reports and evaluation

  • From COVID to Olympics: things that inspire us (PDF, 183 Kb)

    Brand new article from John Oxley on why the Olympics gives us a unique opportunity to change the narrative about physical activity so that everyone has an equal chance to lead an active life

The Community Paradigm report focuses on a public services move toward a more preventative approach. The paper highlights how individual citizens, their communities and networks must take on greater responsibility for their own lives. However, that flourishing of responsibility will only occur if citizens and communities are given the power to exercise it. This means fundamentally challenging the strong tendency of public services to hoard power rather than share it.

Read the report below to understand why the public services are in need of radical change if they are to survive the big challenges they face.

In the last few decades, collaboration across the public, private, community and voluntary sectors has greatly increased. Local authorities have been searching for new ways to save money whilst delivering effective public services. There is also a strong interest in engaging local community members.

Read the report below to find out how the collaboration can help develop solutions to current social issues.